31 Jan 2019

CASE Remains the Best Think Tank in Central and Eastern Europe

CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is still the number one think tank in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the University of Pennsylvania Global Go To Think Tank Index Report for 2018. CASE also has the honour of being the second-ranked social policy think tank in the world, behind the Urban Institute and ahead of the Brookings Institution, both in the United States. CASE also came up as the number one in the world for think tanks with an operating budget less than USD 5 million.

Dr. Przemyslaw Kowalski, President of CASE, noted that “Today, think tanks are more important than ever before. A reliable analysis based on data and referring to the current important challenges, such as the effects of globalisation and technological progress, as well as deepening inequalities, is today crucial to stop the ongoing political and social polarisation in Europe and the world. CASE is proud to be a balanced voice in the public discourse, pointing the way to well-thought-out and effective solutions. The results of the ranking are a testament to the hard work and innovation of our team at CASE, but also reflect the work we have put into outreach and communications in order to create impact.”

For 2018, CASE also had an impressive showing as a Top Domestic Economic Policy Think Tank (11th place), as a Top Non-U.S. Think Tank Worldwide (32nd position) and as a Top International Economics Think Tank (21st place). CASE has been furthermore ranked number 3 in the “Best New Idea or Paradigm Developed by a Think Tank” and “Think Tanks with the Most Innovative Policy Ideas/Proposals” categories.

The think tank ranking was determined by a nomination process involving approximately 3,800 journalists, public and private donors, and policy makers from around the world, who then assessed 8,100 think tanks from all over the world.  The ranking has been conducted since 2006. The 2018 issue comprised over 50 various categories such as Top Think Tank in the World, Top Domestic Economic Policy Think Tank, Top Social Policy Think Tank, and Best Advocacy Campaign.

More information about the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report is available at http://gotothinktank.com/.

CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institute founded on the idea that research-based policy-making is vital for the economic welfare of societies. Established in Warsaw in 1991, CASE today is recognised as the top think tank in Central and Eastern Europe and is one of the most highly regarded think tanks internationally. CASE carries out policy-oriented research and development assistance projects, specialising in the areas of: 1) Fiscal, monetary and financial policies 2) Sustainable development policies 3) Trade, innovation and productivity policies. Drawing on an experienced in-house staff, a network of fellows, and a database of approximately 1,000 experts, CASE provides rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses, innovative methodologies, and sound recommendations.

Our Europe, CASE Strategy for the biennium 2019-2020, means promoting the understanding of the value of an economically and institutionally-integrated Europe, and, in particular, the membership of Poland and other CEECs in the EU, and providing high quality evidence and advice in support of better future EU policy making.



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