05 Mar 2019

"15 years of Poland in the EU". We have formed a coalition of Polish think-tanks to strengthen an unbiased and informed debate about the European Union.

We are pleased to announce that CASE has initiated the creation of a think-tank coalition, consisting of the best independent Polish institutions supporting research, education and promotion of economic and social knowledge in our country.

The Coalition activities for this year will focus on the 15th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union, falling on May 1. As part of the cooperation, we will regularly publish high quality analysis, expert recommendations and independent opinions relating to Poland's membership in the EU, as well as organize open events covering EU topics.

“An important goal of the project is the formation of the Coalition itself, with the aim of encouraging deeper cooperation of Polish think-tanks. Through joint activities we would like to emphasize the important role of think-tanks in the public debate in our country. We strongly believe we can achieve much more together, as a Coalition, rather than single entities,” says Dr. Izabela Styczyńska, CASE Vice-president.

Moreover, this year CASE will publish a report "Our Europe: 15 years of Poland in the European Union", which will summarize the economic and social benefits of Poland's membership in the EU based on hard evidence and discuss our country’s perspective on the key challenges of further European integration.

In a short period of time we will also launch a new website with publications and events organized as part of the project. It will serve as a dashboard which will keep you informed and updated.


Coalition Members

CASE- Center for Social and Economic Research – Coalition initiator and coordinator

Centre for Economic Analysis - CenEA

Centre for International Relations

Civil Development Forum

Foundation Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre

Casimir Pulaski Foundation




Institute for Structural Research  

Polish Robert Schuman Foundation

Association of Polish Economists