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Main conclusions and supplementation to the CASE Report: "Our Europe: 15 years of Poland in the European Union"

The presented text, designed as an Executive Summary of the “Our Europe. 15 years of Poland in the European Union” report, differs from the classic form of a summary. On one hand, it adds a lot of contextual historical and institutional information which functions as an introduction to the solutions presented in the following chapters. On the other hand, it is based firmly on the results and conclusions presented by the authors of these chapters. Even if they are formulated in a different manner, it does not change their contents. However, out of necessity, it presents the matter in a synthetic manner, and many times simplifies the described problems.

The need to prepare a synthetic text arose in response to suggestions of the first readers, who said that 250 pages of expert texts require a great deal of time to read. In the current moment of a heated European debate that is too much. This text is considerably shorter, consisting of 25 pages, but does not replace the report. It serves to encourage reading the entire text and selected chapters, according to the reader’s interests.

The scope of the report is proof that European integration is taking place in many areas and penetrates the everyday life of Poles to the extent that it has become an obvious, and thus unperceived, dimension of life.     

Written by: Stanisława Golinowska


 The report is currently only available in Polish

The full report in English will be published later this year.


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