01 Feb 2003 - 01 Jun 2003
Europe, Poland, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, Research

World Bank's Knowledge Economy Assessment in Poland


CASE carried out a project financed by the World Bank as part of the Bank's Knowledge Economy Assessment in Poland. The project consisted of two components:

Preparation of a report entitled "The effects of Information and Communication Technologies, Research & Development and Human Capital on the business environment and economic growth."
The report included:

  1. presentation of the general picture of Polish preparedness for development of the Knowledge Economy;
  2. analysis of the relationships among factors relating to innovation and R&D activity on the one hand and economic variables such as employment and sales on the other;
  3. a brief overview of the literature on the relevant experience of OECD countries, and
  4. policy conclusions for development of the Knowledge Economy in Poland based on analysis in points 1- 3.

Provision of a liaison person to assist the WB in cooperating and communicating with various Polish stakeholders, including the KBN, Ministry of Economy, Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Finance, and other government institutions; regional and local governments; business associations and major companies and NGOs.