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Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Project


In the period of March 1997 and February 1998 CASE participated in the Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Project for the government of Ukraine, financed by the USAID and conducted by the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID). The project's co-ordinator was Jeffrey Sachs.

CASE experts provided technical assistance in the field of the banking sector reform and monetary policy, the pension system and social welfare reform, as well as the central budget and the financial market issues. They also devised a macroeconomic model of the Ukrainian economy. Władysław Jermakowicz was the project leader on behalf of CASE, while Rafał Antczak was the local coordinator in Kiev. The CASE expert team included Jerzy Osiatyński, Stanisława Golinowska, Mirosław Gronicki, Katarzyna Piętka, Kazmierz Kloc, Alekandr Rohozynsky.