01 Sep 2005 - 01 Mar 2006
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Study on European Neighbourhood Policy: The Countries Bordering the EU and Enhanced Economic Integration


CASE in co-operation with Istanbul Economics was awarded a contract by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for a study on economic aspects of the European Neighbourhood Policy. The central objective of the report that was prepared within this project was to identify the best forms of enhanced economic integration that could be pursued over the next 5-10 years between the EU and Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria, from the perspective of the Netherlands and the EU as a whole.
The report reviewed existing forms of economic integration and time dependencies between them. It analysed in detail institutional requirements on the side of EU neighbourhood countries for various scenarios of integration. Economic effects of integration were reviewed with a focus on trade in goods and services and migration. In view of the importance of energy issues in the EU dialogue with some of its neighbour countries, a separate chapter looked at the energy cooperation between the EU and Russia, Algeria and Ukraine. The report also analysed EU financial assistance to its partners countries and provided specific recommendations for shaping the future EU and Dutch policies towards EU Neighbourhood.


Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands


Istanbul Economics