01 Oct 2020 - 30 Sep 2022

Regulation of the workability in small and micro enterprises through multi-media tools (AKKUEurope)


Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) play an important role in the European economy. MSE are potentially particularly affected by a shortage of young talent, as they are unable to compete with the services offered by Medium-Sized Enterprises and large companies in various respects (e.g. job security, pay levels, promotion opportunities). MSE can and must react to this by paying special attention to maintaining the workability and employability of their existing workforces. In addition to the classic occupational health and safety measures, measures for the preventive maintenance of work and employability must be implemented to a greater extent, so that employees can and want to carry out their work until the planned retirement age. A comprehensive promotion of work ability can help to close this gap. There is feedback from many consultants that the existing instruments cannot be used in companies with fewer than 15 employees: They are too complicated, do not fit in with the choice of words or can only be used with a larger number of employees.

The aim of the AKKUEurope project is the systematic development and testing of a multimedia toolbox suitable for the target group on the basis of existing instruments, together with the owners and employees of selected MSE companies. For this purpose, a research of existing instruments in the participating European countries of the partners of the project is carried out first. The selected instruments will be adapted to the needs of MSE or developed for this target group and especially for the employees working there and tested together with model MSE companies in all European countries covered by the project consortium. After the test phase, a final adjustment of the instruments based on the test results as well as a medial implementation of the toolbox will follow.

AKKUEurope is based on a practical, precise methodological approach: such a balance is ensured by the partners involved. The methodology is outlined along the following steps:

- Analysis of existing instruments and their adaptation

- Development of the toolbox

- Pilot project for user-based validation

- Completion

- Complete introduction and deployment through the OER platform

Partners involved in the project implementation will carry out the following activities:

A) Analysis of existing instruments in the partner countries

B) Adaptation of the instruments and completion of the toolbox

C) Test phase of the toolbox in the company

D) Media implementation of the instruments

AKKUEurope results will be practical and relevant solutions for micro and small businesses, available in multilingual versions, free and without restrictions through the OER platform.


Funding: Erasmus Plus

Partners: Dialogo, IWS, IDP, IHS, ZIRZ


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