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Recommendations for Improving the System of Rural Education



Project entitled 'Recommendations for Improving the System of Rural Education' was conducted in the period of September 2000-April 2001, sponsored by the European Commission (Representative Office of the European Commission in Poland).

The research was carried out as an answer to the systematically deepening civilizational chasm between rural and urban Poland. The aim of the project was preparation and sequencing of programs to enable rapid improvement of the effectiveness of education in rural Poland, as well as identifying possible sources of financing such programs.

Recommendations as to ways of improving the educational system in rural Poland were prepared on the basis of reports concerning: pre-school education in rural districts (Wojciech Marchlewski), development of the quality of rural teachers (Leszek Korporowicz and Dariusz Wadowski), professional education in the perspective of forecast changes in rural employment patterns (Andrzej Kaleta and Grzegorz Zabłocki), problems of rationalizing the network of schools across Poland (Jan Herczyński and Anthony Levitas) and the role of IT in the education of rural Poland (Zbigniew Kotowski).