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Measuring administrative costs and burdens of the EU Working Time Directive


The European Commission wishes to complement its impact assessment work in the light of the review of the Working Time Directive 2003/88/EC with a specific study to measure the change to administrative costs and burdens which could result from different options that it is currently consulting with the social partners.

The Commission considers that there is a need to review the Directive, with the objectives of:

  • ensuring that EU rules on the organisation of working time respond to the important changes in the world of work over the past 20 years
  • providing more flexibility to respond to the needs of employers, workers and public services
  • ensuring more effective protection for certain groups of workers
  • clarifying some aspects of the current rules on which there is legal uncertainty.

CASE is covering the country studies for Poland and Germany. The researchers' 3 main tasks include:

  • identification of primary and secondary sources (i.e. relevant stakeholders and key-informants to be interviewed, statistics and other relevant studies and researches); 
  • data gathering (i.e. about 17 interviews);
  • reporting (i.e. development of the case-study). 




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