Advisory, Global/Multiregional, Labor market, social policy and social services

Local economic strategies for shrinking and ageing labour markets

Project description

Demographic changes will have broad economic, social, and political impacts worldwide, with some local areas experiencing the effects of an ageing population, stagnation in population growth, or even shrinking populations particularly sharply. For these areas, the importance of strengthening economic and social resilience as opposed to a singular focus on growth is clear. Better managing and supporting older workers will become increasingly relevant, including creating opportunities for more flexible working later in life and easing transitions into retirement. Additionally, new economic opportunities will come from an increased demand for products and services oriented to the ageing population (the “silver” and “white” economies).

The research project “Local economic strategies for shrinking and ageing labour markets” will address the following policy issues:

- Management practices for older workers in firms and their impact on productivity;

 - Skills development and training for older workers;

- Programmes and initiatives for intergenerational solutions;

- Local economic strategies and initiatives for ageing skills ecosystems;

- Net migration flows of skilled individuals to/from ageing local labour markets.


- Local areas studies (i.a. firm surveys on management practices for older workers in four countries: UK, Canada, france and Lithuania

- Literature reviews and policy analysis:

 a) Literature review on management practices for older workers. The review will explore recruitment practices, working culture opportunities, training and skills development opportunities for older workers. It will also include a part on indexes and tools to help companies to assess their practices.

b) Literature review on local economic strategies in the context of ageing skills ecosystems. It will explore more specifically at how these strategies can improve skills utilisation and productivity through better harnessing the skills of existing workers, promoting longer working lives and supporting transfer of knowledge from older to younger generation. It will provide examples of local initiatives and partnerships with local authorities, training providers or public employment services involvement in specific fields.


Project Structure and Involvement of CASE

CASE will carry out a literature review in OECD countries on local strategies for ageing skills ecosystems. The literature review will constitute the main contribution to the “policy brief” on “local economic strategies in the context of ageing skills ecosystems”.

CASE will participate in an OECD workshop/roundtable – held on 31st of March 2015; CASE will provide notes from the meeting and contributing to the meeting’s conclusions and policy recommendations emerging from the meeting.

CASE will  contribute to the policy brief on “Local economic strategies in the context of ageing skills ecosystems”.


Project Output

 - Draft literature review on local strategies (by end of March 2015);

 - OECD workshop in Paris on 31st of March 2015

- Final literature review and policy brief contribution (in April 2015)