01 Feb 2006 - 01 Feb 2009
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, industrail restructuring, Post-communist transition and development issues, Research, Russia, Ukraine

ESCIRRU - Economic and Social Consequences of Industrial Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine


The project is designed to examine the underlying economic processes and determinants driving the restructuring of industries in Russia and Ukaine, specifically focusing on regions where military production was converted to civilian production.

The project seeks to address:

  1. how the restructuring and civil conversion processes have affected the performance of the industrial sector in these emerging market economies, and;
  2. the socio-economic impact of these processes at the household level.

Comprehensive registry data for Russian and Ukrainian enterprises will be used and an extensive household survey data set.

The project is led by the German Institute for Economic Research, and includes partners from across the EU as well as Russia and Ukraine. Outside of the specific research goals, the project aims at building the research capacity of partner institutions in Russia and Ukraine.

Types of activities provided:

  • Contribution to comprehensive literature review
  • Collection and refinement of further data
  • Analysis of Russian and Ukrainian registry data and household survey data
  • Organization of international workshops during which project findings will be presented
  • Contribution to dissemination materials, including books


DG Research (European Commission)


DIW Berlin - German Institute for Economic Research
CEU - Central European University Budapest Foundation
CLMS - State University - Higher School of Economics
DSE-BO - Universtà di Bologna
EROC - Kyiv School of Economics at the National University of " Kyiv Mohyla Academy"
HWU - Heriot-Watt University
RAMEC-USU - Russian-American Economy and Business Institute at the Urals State University