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Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan


Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan [in:] Gur Ofer, Richard Pomfret (eds.), The Economic Prospects for the CIS: Sources of Long Term Growth, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2004, pp. 224-248.

'Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan' is a chapter of: 

A book 'The Economic Prospects for the CIS: Sources of Long Term Growth' has been published by Edward Elgar Publishing (UK), comprising several studies elaborated within the Global Devlopment Network project 'Explaining Growth in CIS countries'. Three of the published studies were authored by CASE network researchers. The book chapter 'Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan' was written by Roman Mogilevskii and Rafkhad Khasanov from the CASE Kyrgyzstan, while 'The Barriers for Growth in Moldova' were analyzed by Artur Radziwill from CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research and Oleg Petrushin. Vladimir Dubrovskiy, Olexander Babanin and Oleksiy Ivaschenko from the CASE Ukraine authored the chapter on 'Ukraine: The Lost Decade . . . and the Coming Boom?'.

More information about the book can be found at the publisher's website.