23 Mar 2020 | NEWS

showCASE No. 103 I COVID 19 and the Economy – Micro and Macro Perspectives

The developments related to the COVID-19 epidemic have been changing dramatically ever since the situation proved serious in China at the beginning of 2020. At first, it seemed that it was the Chinese production that would be hit the hardest, and,...

24 Feb 2020 | NEWS

showCASE No. 102 I Belarusan Reforms: A Path Less Trodden

With fresh memories of a recession and its GDP per capita (PPP) lingering at 64% of the reference group, Belarusan economy shows plenty of room for reforms. If these are stepped up, the experience of CEE countries such as Poland may provide useful...

27 Jan 2020 | NEWS

showCASE No. 101 I IT, E-Commerce, and Digital Policies. The Case of Poland

In the recent years, Poland has benefitted from economic openness to see its digital sectors, like the gaming industry, and digitally enabled secto...

26 Nov 2019 | NEWS

showCASE No. 99 I Climate Calling: Inside EU Cities’ and Regions’ Green Race

As the United Nations (UN) Conference of Parties (COP25) approaches together with the widely announced European Green Deal of the incoming European...

28 Oct 2019 | NEWS

showCASE No. 98 I Strategic Public Procurement for the Long-Term Growth of the European Union

Although the European Union (EU) public procurement framework was originally designed to establish a level playing field for all EU companies as we...

23 Sep 2019 | NEWS

showCASE No.97 I Fifteen Years in the Single Market

The article is based on a chapter by Prof. Jan J. Michałek from a special report prepared by CASE for the 15th anniversary of Polish membership in...

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April 6, 2020

Online CASE CPI index is an innovative measurement of price dynamics in the Polish economy, which is entirely based on online data. Online CASE CPI is constructed by averaging prices of commodities from last four weeks and comparing them to average prices of the same commodities from four weeks prior. The index is updated weekly.

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Corporate Membership Program

CASE invites businesses to join its Corporate Membership Program and help support an independent Polish think tank. The benefits of the program for businesses include: Undertaking common scientific projects; Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from CASE s vast experience; Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policy; Creating networking opportunities between gover...