• Ph.D. in Economics, Université Paris-I Sorbonne,
  • M.A. in Economics, Warsaw University

English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Polish (Fluent)

Irena Grosfeld

Member of the CASE Advisory Council

Member of the CASE Advisory Council



  • institutions and economic performance
  • corporate governance
  • private sector development



Current Positions:

  • Research Director, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris School of Economics, Paris
  • Associate Member,  CNRS, Paris school of economics

Previous CASE projects:

  • Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia: Secondary Privatisation: The Evolution of Ownership Structures of Privatised Enterprises,   ACE-PHARE Programme,  1999 - 2000
  • Albania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland: Barriers to Entry and Growth of Private Companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania, and Lithuania, ACE-PHARE Programme, (1996-1998)
  • EU-13: Development of Institutions, Governance, Labour Markets, Welfare Systems and the Civil Society in Candidate Countries
  • Poland: Privatization, Systemic Reforms and the Evolution of the Enterprise Sector in Poland: An Assessment of Fifteen Years' Experience (2004-2005)



Selected International Publications:

  • Competition and Corporate Governance: Substitutes or Complements ? Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange", (with T. Tressel), forthcoming in Economics of Transition, 2002.
  • "Workers' Heterogeneity and Risk Aversion: A Segmentation Model of the Russian Labor Market" (with C. Senik-Leygonie, T. Verdier, S. Kolenikov and E.Paltseva), Journal of Comparative Economics, 29 (1), 2001.
  • "Investment and finance in de novo private firms: empirical results from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland ", (with A. Bratkowski and J. Rostowski), Economics of Transition, 8 (1), 2000.

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