06 Jun 2024

The Costs and the Benefits of Poland Joining the Eurozone - Lecture Available!


We are presenting another installment of the project – 20 Years of Poland in the European Union.

Here is Professor Michał Brzoza-Brzezina with a lecture: "The Costs and Benefits of Poland Joining the Eurozone." In his lecture, the professor discusses:

  • What benefits and risks are associated with Poland joining the Eurozone?
  • Which institutions in Poland are responsible for decisions regarding the złoty?
  • When should Poland join the Eurozone?


Watch the lecture (in Polish)


The lecture was organized as part of the "CASE on twenty years of Poland in the EU" project. In this way, we expand our knowledge about the European Union to better understand Poland's role in the European community. This project also creates space for open discussion, allowing for the exchange of views on Poland's membership in the EU and outlining perspectives for the future.


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