Women’s Empowerment in the Mediterranean Region

"Beliefs on the traditional role of women as caregivers or housewives that should not have a paid job outside the home also may contribute to female inactivity. In Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the majority of both men and women agree that women can have a paid job should she wish to, while in Lebanon, Israel and Turkey men are in favour of this statement less often than women. In all other countries, there is a much weaker acceptance of female economic activity." 

CASE's new report "Women’s Empowerment in the Mediterranean Region" commissioned by the Committee of the Regions provides information on state of play of gender equality in chosen countries in the Mediterranean Region (Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Palestinian Authority, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The report is available at the Committee of the Regions' website

Photo: International Women's Day rally in Diyarbakir, Turkey, on March 8, 2017. Source: Reuters