Winners and Losers of Globalisation: Summit Declaration available

Launched in January 2015, Vision Europe is a joint project of leading European foundations and think tanks — Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany; Bruegel, Belgium; Chatham House, UK; CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research, Poland; Compagnia di San Paolo, Italy (in cooperation with its knowledge partner Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto); Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal; Jacques Delors Institute, France; and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finland -.

Through research, publications and an annual summit, Vision Europe aim to be a forum for debate and a source of recommendations to improve policy-making at both a national and EU level and to foster as appropriate European integration.

Under the title “Winners and Losers of Globalisation”, the 2017 Vision Europe Summit in Turin gathered over 100 high-level stakeholders from politics, academia and the civil society who, together, discussed the challenges Europe faces regarding globalisation and elaborated policy recommendations based on sound scientific analysis.

At the occasion of the summit, leaders from the eight convening foundations and think tanks signed this conference declaration.

The declaration contains a number of principles and policy proposals at the national, EU and international level that can provide positive input for a EU pro-active agenda to make open societies and open economies sustainable.



These principles and proposals are supported by quantitative and qualitative research of prominent experts which can be found in the publication “Winners and Losers of Globalsation”, available on the website:, where present and past Vision Europe Conference Declarations and all publications are available.