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The World Bank's Russian Economic Report: "Moderating Risks, Bolstering Growth"

The World Bank in Russia
Russian Economic Report
Moderating Risks, Bolstering Growth

Kaspar Richter

Kaspar Richter, a German national, is the World Bank’s lead economist for the Russian Federation, and Country Sector Coordinator in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network in the Europe and Central Asia Region.

Half a year ago, Russia’s economic prospects looked uncertain. The global economy was losing momentum, the expansion in the euro area was grinding to a halt and commodity prices were beginning to fall. Yet, while output growth is slowing this year in line with weaker growth in Europe and elsewhere, Russia’s latest economy performance has been solid, though aided by favorable oil prices.

Marek Dabrowski
CASE Fellow

The report analyzes Russia's recent economic developments and prospects. Special focus is on the invitation to Russia to accede to the WTO by the summer of 2012 - a unique and important opportunity for the country’s economic development. Released on March 27th 2012, the full report is available at World Bank website.