20 Jan 2017

showCASE 12: Uncertainty in the outlook for economic growth in 2017 | Could London lose its role in Euro swap clearing post-Brexit?

In this week’s showCASE, our experts share their views on how uncertainty could play a key role in 2017 economic developments. CASE also weighs in on the speculation surrounding the fate of London’s prized euro clearing business and whether or not major UK central counterparties will be forced to set up shop in the Eurozone.

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showCASE is a platform that allows CASE experts to share their views on pressing economic, political and social developments as they unfold. The main goal of the weekly publication is to tackle recent events and decode their implications for Poland and the region. To contextualize this analysis, the showCASE “At a Glance” dashboard provides a regularly updated diagnostics for a number of regional economies.


Photo: City of London. Source: Stewart Morris, Flickr, CC