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28 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 21: Holyrood, we might have a wee problem

The results of the Scottish parliament debate on whether to hold a second independence referendum were meant to be known by now. However, due to a terrorist attack in London last week, the discussion has understandably been postponed. This deferment, or indeed the horrific attack itself, are however not l...

27 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 21: The quest for economic resilience in uncertain times

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met last week in the spa town of Baden-Baden to discuss the global economy and the challenges it faces. However, they struggled to find consensus on trade and climate-related issues. Could the outcome of this meeting set the tone for the upcoming G-20 Summi...

21 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 20: The World Oil Market: Towards Persistent yet Small-scale Volatility?

Last week, oil prices fell by 10% as news regarding stronger-than-expected North American production echoed across international markets. This new...

20 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 20: The Dutch dam against populism

The Dutch parliamentary elections were widely perceived as a litmus test for the populist sentiment in Europe ahead of similar ballots in France a...

13 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 19: Not All Quiet on the Eastern Front

While Belarus will not have its Euromaidan any time soon, recent developments at home and abroad suggest that the country s political course is no...

06 Mar 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 18: Dark clouds hang over the Capital Markets Union

In the beginning of 2015, the European Commission launched an ambitious initiative aimed at integrating capital markets in the EU in order to remo...

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March 27, 2017

Online CASE CPI index is an innovative measurement of price dynamics in the Polish economy, which is entirely based on online data. Online CASE CPI is constructed by averaging prices of commodities from last four weeks and comparing them to average prices of the same commodities from four weeks prior. The index is updated weekly.

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Corporate Membership Program

CASE invites businesses to join its Corporate Membership Program and help support an independent Polish think tank. The benefits of the program for businesses include: Undertaking common scientific projects; Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from CASE s vast experience; Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policy; Creating networking opportunities between gover...