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23 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 28: The Belt and Road initiative: golden bridge or outright confrontation?

China hosted a 2-day summit in front of 28 world leaders to showcase the Belt and Road Initiative (B R), one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in the world to date. Its official aim is an improvement of trade links between more than 60 producer-countries, accounting for close to 30% of the worl...

22 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 28: The Moscow renovation trap

On May 14, over 20,000 people gathered in Moscow to protest an extraordinary renovation plan aiming to demolish over 4,500 Soviet-era prefabricated apartment blocks, known affectionately as khrushchyovkas. Local authorities argue that the vast majority of these aging buildings (constructed in 1960s) are sl...

16 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 27: Russia’s clash with EBRD leaves the lending freeze in place

Following the imposition of sanctions on Russia in 2014 by the US and EU, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) imposed a len...

15 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 27: French elections: at best a Pyrrhic victory for the French economy

After months of persistent uncertainty, the defeat of Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National , has vested markets with newly found confidence...

04 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 26: Emmanuel Macron: a game-changer or a status quo player in French poli...

The victory of an independent centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, in the first round of the French election has revived hopes that France s shaky...

04 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 26: Dire Straits in Venezuela

How can a state with the largest proven oil reserves in the world end up being on the brink of collapse? Venezuela, like several other South-Americ...

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May 15, 2017

Online CASE CPI index is an innovative measurement of price dynamics in the Polish economy, which is entirely based on online data. Online CASE CPI is constructed by averaging prices of commodities from last four weeks and comparing them to average prices of the same commodities from four weeks prior. The index is updated weekly.

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Corporate Membership Program

CASE invites businesses to join its Corporate Membership Program and help support an independent Polish think tank. The benefits of the program for businesses include: Undertaking common scientific projects; Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from CASE s vast experience; Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policy; Creating networking opportunities between gover...