• Ph.D. Economics, University of Keele (1979),

  • M.A. Economics, University of Maryland (1970),

  • B.Sc. Economics and Engineering, Abadan Institute of Technology (1967).


English (native), Persian (fluent), Serbo-Croatian (basic)

Iraj Hashi

CASE Fellow

CASE Fellow



  • microeconomics
  • governance reforms
  • industrial competitiveness
  • innovation and firm performance
  • SME policy


Iraj Hashi is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Research on Emerging Economies (CREE) at Staffordshire University Business School, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom. In addition to his teaching duties at the University, he has been actively involved in research, teaching and consultancy in transition economies since 1992 and has worked with universities, research institutions and consultancy firms in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Russia on a range of projects dealing with challenges of transition in these countries. These projects have been funded by the European Commission, World Bank and other international agencies. His research interests are closely related to the process of transition in Central and Eastern Europe and the challenges faced by these countries in the process of developing a market economy. His areas of interests are: enterprise behaviour during the transition process, privatisation, corporate governance, bankruptcy and reorganisation, SMEs and entrepreneurship, competitiveness at firm and industry level, innovation and technical change and employee financial participation.

Countries of specialisation: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, the Czech Republic and Poland.


Current Positions:

  • CASE Fellow,
  • Professor of Economics, Director of Centre for Research on Emerging Economies at Staffordshire University.

Previous Positions:

  • Lecturer at Tehran Business School and Simon Fraser University,

  • Research and consultancy in a number of projects conducted by CASE, Riinvest Institute, ADE S.A. Consultants and GTZ Consultants.


Selected Publications:

  • Employee Financial Participation in Companies’ Proceeds, a Report for the European Parliament (DG Internal Policies), 2012 (with Jens Lowitzsch)
  • Industrial Competitiveness and Restructuring in Enlarged Europe, Palgrave, 2007 (co-author and co-editor with P Welfens and A Wziatek-Kubiak)
  • The comparative analysis of state aid in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic prior to accession, International Journal of Economic Research, 3 (1), 2006: pp. 17-38 (with E. Balcerowicz).
  • Barriers to Entry and Growth of New Firms in Early Transition, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2002 (co-author and co-editor with Ewa Balcerowicz and Leszek Balcerowicz).
  • The Polish National Investment Fund Programme: Mass Privatisation With a Difference?, Comparative Economic Studies, XLII, No. 1, Spring 2000, pp. 87-134.


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