date and location:
03 June 2014
Jana Pawła 61

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Healthcare human resources – trends and prospects for an aging society

Healthcare human resources –
trends and
prospects for an aging society,

Time: 03  June 2014, 15:00
Venue: CASE, al. Jana Pawla II 61, office 212 (1st floor), Warsaw

During the seminar, our experts will present the results of the project „NEUJOBS - Employment 2025: How will multiple transitions affect the European labour market”, which is a research project financed by the European Commission, under the 7th Framework Programme.


prof. Stanislawa Golinowska (CASE Fellow, IZP UJ CM, IPiSS)

dr Agnieszka Sowa (CASE Expert, IPiSS)

dr Ewa Kocot (IZP UJ CM)


*** The event will be held in Polish ***


Forthcoming publications with the results of the project:


Golinowska S., Kocot E., Sowa A. (2014), Employment in Long–term Care. Report on Poland, CASE S&A 473 (forthcoming)

The report discusses the formal long-term care workforce in Poland. It presents past and future trends in the development of LTC employment. Authors collected scattered statistical information, estimated lacking data and projected future growth in the number of employed in care services. Performed analysis includes employment in the health and social sector and across various types of care. Projections of the demand for care and supply of the LTC workforce base on the demographic prognosis of the population size and changes in the age structure taking into account different scenarios for demographic development. Results show the growing gap between demand and supply in the LTC employment. The  policy towards aging in Poland will must take up the challenge of growing care needs, family changes and lower opportunities for  provision of informal care.

Golinowska S., Kocot E., Sowa A. (2014), The impact of ageing on the curative health care workforce. Country report: POLAND, CNR 118 (forthcoming)

The report discusses employment in the health care system in Poland based on analysis and projections of the demand and supply of medical workforce. The impact of the financial situation and policy on relativelly low employment level of medical personel was accounted for in the analysis while projections were driven by demographic changes in the following two decades. Results of different demographic variants of projections used in Neujobs project and additional scenarios show that while ageing is an important factor that may stimulate demand for provision of medical personnel, changes might be mitigated by further increase in effectiveness of care. At the same time the supply of care will be affected by ageing. The results indicate that more detailed monitoring of employment in the future will be needed in order to assure adequacy of provision of medical professionals, especially of nurses (critical gap) physiotherapists and medical technical personnel.