19 Feb 2021

GREENHEAT project kick-off meeting

Together with partners, CASE has launched a new endeavor to examine how local authorities can advance low carbon heating. The kick-off of the project took place on February 11, 2021. The ultimate aim is to contribute to elimination of fossil fuelled boilers in Poland and present the feasible scenarios to decarbonize energy systems in Polish households. The “GREEN HEAT – towards collaborative local decarbonization” project (acronym GREENHEAT) benefits from a EUR 1 319 998 mln grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

Building on an expert knowledge, the project targets a very specific, real life challenge of extremely bad air quality in Polish municipalities. The residential sector is currently one of Poland’s largest emitters, accounting for almost 40% of the country’s carbon emissions according to official estimates. GREENHEAT will take a data-driven look into future energy systems for local authorities in Legionowo – a town in Masovia located 23 kilometers to the north-east of the center of Warsaw. This will allow them to plan for the significant rise in low carbon heating and energy efficiency measures needed for Polish municipalities to hit net zero target by 2050.The consortium will engage with property owners, local authorities, property developers, businesses and consumer groups to focus on the best steps in specific local areas to tackle heating and to pave a truly participatory and inclusive decarbonization strategy.

GREENHEAT consortium (CASE, the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery at the Polish Academy of Sciences (project leader), Kozminski University, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, University of Bergen, Maria Grzegorzewska University, and KEZO Foundation at the Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences) will develop tailored business model with specific technology recommendations and an indication of potential investors and sources of financing to support the elimination of fossil fuelled boilersand develop the methodology for further implementation based on procedure during Pilot Bussines Case analysis in Legionowo which can be copied in other parts of Poland and EU.