10 May 2017

Christopher A. Hartwell discussed innovation for think tanks during the Global Think Tank Summit 2017 in Yokohama, Japan

Over 140 policy makers and researchers from more than 90 organizations in over 40 countries came together to discuss Achieving Balanced Growth in Asia and the World for Sustainable Development: The Role of Think Tanks at the Global Think Tank Summit 2017 in Yokohama, Japan, 1–3 May 2017. Combined with the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Annual Meetings, attendees discussed a broad range of subjects, such as challenges to globalization, inclusive economic growth, poverty and inequality, and think tanks and civil society in the age of populism.

CASE was an active participant in the planning of the Summit and was represented by President Christopher A. Hartwell during the event in Yokohama. Dr. Hartwell chaired a session titled, “Innovation for Think Tanks,” with speakers Aaron Shull from the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Debra Eisenman from the Asia Society Policy Institute, and Hui Yao Wang from the Center for China and Globalization (CCG). Panelists discussed the challenges to think tanks in their operating environment and the important role of innovations in think tank governance. In particular, a key theme throughout the discussion was how innovations could be used in order to magnify the impact think tanks have on policy making and public debate in an era of “fake news.”

There was a broad consensus amongst participants of the Summit that think tanks continue to play a key role in civil society and should engage more with the public to foster inclusive debate. Given rising global uncertainty and the backlash against traditional politics, think tanks are needed to provide evidence-based policy recommendations and point the way to a better future.

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