30 Nov 2017

CASE 25th Anniversary Symposium on the Future of Europe: Special Issue of Comparative Economic Studies

The special issue of Comparative Economic Studies from the CASE 25th Anniversary Conference (November 2016) has been published.

Over the past 25 years, the European project has seen many substantial changes and reforms: the transition process in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) resulted in the accession to the EU of ten new Member States that were formerly communist, while the physical introduction of the Euro in 2002 presented the EU with a host of new macroeconomic challenges but provided hope for continuous and deeper integration processes. The 25th anniversary conference of CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research in Poland in November 2016 provided some concrete suggestions on how the future of Europe might play out.

 In the issue:

CASE 25th Anniversary Symposium on the Future of Europe

Christopher A. Hartwell


The Evolving Architecture of Europe: Functioning or Dysfunctional for the Twenty-First Century?

Paul Hare, Richard Stoneman


The Forward-Discount Puzzle in Central and Eastern Europe

Rob Hayward, Jens Hölscher


The Choice of Reforms and Economic System in the Baltic States

Karsten Staehr


Phoenix from the Ashes: The Recovery of the Baltics from the 2008/2009 Crisis

Bas B. Bakker, Marta Korczak


Sensitivity of Interest Rates to Inflation and Exchange Rate in Poland: Implications for Direct Inflation Targeting

Lucjan T. Orlowski


Reading the Footprints: How Foreign Investors Shape Countries’ Participation in Global Value Chains

Christian Buelens, Marcel Tirpák