01 Aug 1998 - 01 Jun 2000
Europe, exchange rate policy, Macroeconomics and macroeconomic policy, Research, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate Policy in the Perspective of Polish Accession to the European Union


It was a project financed by KBN (State Committee for Scientific Research), running from mid-1998 through June 2000.

The project findings have been presented in a series of analytical papers devoted to such issues as probable changes in the balance of payments during the EU accession period depending on the profile of Polands macroeconomic policies, and the risk level of a foreign exchange crisis depending on the adopted thrust of macroeconomic policy. Main conclusions were formulated as macroeconomic policy recommendations for the period of integration, particularly in terms of an exchange rate policy.

In June 2000 the public conference organized in Warsaw concluded the project.  A book summarizing the research findings, entitled Costs and Benefits of European Union Membership. Methods - Models - Estimates was published (in Polish) in June 2000 and is available in the CASE library and in bookstores with economic literature.