18 Dec 2017

A New Prime Minister for Poland: Bringing PiS and Vinegar to Europe

In a move widely seen as a public relations ploy to improve Poland’s flagging relationship with Brussels, on Tuesday, December 12th, the “Law and Justice” government (PiS in Polish) formally replaced Prime Minister Beata Szydło via a vote of confidence with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mateusz Morawiecki. Purportedly the moderate face of the PiS government, Morawiecki has vowed to continue the conservative social policies of his predecessor. Indeed, PiS has shown no inclination that it will back away from its poor economic approach or its wide-sweeping institutional changes.

In the last issue of showCASE in 2017, CASE’s President Christopher Hartwell comments on Polish Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s ascent to Prime Minister, discussing what his unorthodox reading of economic theory will bring to the country.


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Photo: Flickr, Kancelaria Premiera