date and location:
18 February 2016
Senatorska 18

Europe, Financial sector, mBank - CASE Seminars

142nd mBank-CASE Seminar: The problem of VAT incompliance in Poland

mBank and CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research cordially invite



142nd mBank-CASE Seminar


 ” The problem of VAT incompliance in Poland


 Keynote speaker:


GRZEGORZ PONIATOWSKI, senior economist at CASE


The Seminar will take place on February 18th, 2016 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm
at mBank S.A. head office, Senatorska 18, room 5.3, 5th floor, Warsaw



Jarosław Neneman | Łazarski University

Tomasz Michalik | Partner and Tax Advisor at MDDP Michalik Dłuska Dziedzic i Partnerzy
spółka doradztwa podatkowego sp. z o.o.


Please RSVP by 15th February, 2016 online: LINK or via email


The problem of VAT tax incompliance in Poland remains unresolved. Moreover, incomes from the tax on goods and services is unstable. Only in 2013 VAT gap in Poland amounted to nearly 27 percent of tax liabilities, which placed our country near the end of the list of EU countries. During the seminar Grzegorz Poniatowski, a senior economist at CASE, will discuss the most important sources of this problem, and present statistics regarding areas of value-added tax avoidance. In addition, he will point fault procedures and activities that contribute to the size of the VAT gap. The topic remains important, as Polish budget loses annually over 40 billion zloty on VAT incompliance.